AI/ML based products

AGA – Autonomous GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Assessment

AGA is an Artificial Intelligence-based software service that will enable and control the GDPR compatibility of businesses autonomously.


  • Data Management Solution
  • Structured and Un-structured Data (thru AI)
  • Discovers Personal and sensitive data on any text, Word or PDF files.
  • Document types will be enlarged to other formats.
  • Can be provided as SaaS or as On-Premise solution
  • AGA is able to support English within 3 months and other languages.

Automated FOD(Foreign Object Debris) Detection System For Airports

A-FOD is an Artificial Intelligence based electro-optic system to detect the FOD’s (foreign object debris) and pavement anomalies on the runway surface of the airports.


  • Any material that should not be found on an airport taxiway, ramp, runway or airfield is classified as Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and must be removed to increase safety of operation and prevent aircraft damage. It generates very serious maintenance costs for the aircrafts It causes potential delays, cancellations and also increases the risk of an accident


    1.Pattern Recognition/Pattern Classification

    2.Image Segmentation

    3.Robot Vision

    4.Deep Learning